SNEC PV Exhibition丨8000 Pcs h - TZTEK Remodels Chinese Manafacturing

2018-05-31  views:2758

From May 28 to 30, the 2018 SNEC Solar PV Exhibition was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The exhibition, as one of the largest and most professional photovoltaic exhibitions in the world, attracted more than 1,800 companies from 95 countries and regions around the world, and was duly visited by more than 200,000 professionals from all over the world.

Driven by the global demand for alternative energy sources, .Chinese photovoltaic industry has grown rapidly. In terms of equipment suppliers in the Chinese solar manufacturing industry, even if the number of local equipment suppliers in the market is increasing, key equipment is still provided by foreign brands.

In the market of quality control equipment for photovoltaic components, the quality of silicon wafer sorting equipment is of great influence to the quality of wafers and the efficiency of subsequent conversion. Considering that the big gap between the technology of domestically produced equipment and the world''''s advanced level still exists, without core competitiveness from domestic brands, china market can only rely on imported brands. However, the high cost, long lead time and poor response of imported equipment has always affected the quality control costs and production efficiency of wafer manufacturing enterprises. How do we achieve the localization of silicon sorting equipment? It is extremely urgent to further reduce the cost of China''''s photovoltaic industry and increase the competitiveness of domestic photovoltaic products in the international market.

TZTEK, as a scientific and technological enterprise with the ability to develop submicron ultra-high-precision measurement instruments in China, presented its products - solar wafer sorting equipment in the SNEC exhibition. It is reported that this equipment is by far the domestically-manufactured equipment that can completely replace imported sorting equipment. Compared to the traditional capacity of 6,000 pieces/hour, TEZEK wafer sorting equipment has the capacity up to 8000 pieces/hour.

“TZTEK solar wafer sorting equipment not only embodies machine vision technology and experience for many years, but also introduces deep learning AI software, enabling the optimal detection of sorting effect, while greatly shortening the debugging time and manpower investment of the equipment”, You Yi, the TZTEK Director of Major Clients, introduced.

According to insiders, the equipment has been tested under the same conditions with foreign brands on customer''''s site, and all performance indicators have reached or even surpassed foreign brands. The equipment has been highly recognized by customers on site, and cooperation agreements has been signed with photovoltaic leading companies such as GCL.

This was also the result of TZTEK’s breakthrough in the industry''''s limit and the remolding of quality in China after the event in 2013 that “accurately pushed measurement accuracy to 0.3 micron, making China the third country to master the technology after Germany and Japan.”