TZTEK''s Dr. Xu Yihua Was Selected as A Leading Talent of “Ten Thousand People Plan”

2016-07-20  views:1176

On June 20, 2016, according to the Announcement on Publicizing the Second Batch of National Leading Talents for the “Ten Thousand People Plan”. TZTEK Chairman Xu Yihua was selected as the national leader in the “Ten Thousand People Plan”. And in Suzhou High-Tech District, there are only two people won this award.

The National Special Support Program for High-level Talents, referred to as the “National Special Support Program”, also known as the “Ten Thousand People Plan”, is a support plan for high-level talents at home. The Plan covers a wide area, involves many departments, and has a long implementation period. Approved by the Central Government, and jointly launched by 11 ministries and commissions including the Central Organization Department and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Sciences, it will provide special support for selected 10,000 outstanding talents, leading talents and young talents from the fields of natural sciences, engineering technology, and philosophy and social sciences to form a system for the development of domestic high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents that complements and integrates with the overseas high-level talents program.

The "Ten Thousand People Plan" emphasizes on providing key support for key talents and special training for special talents. It is a talent support plan with a high "gold content". On the basis of the original support of the relevant departments, the state will provide "key support funds" that are roughly equivalent to those of the National "Thousand-people Plan" experts for the key targets selected by the Plan, and award them the title of "National Special Support Talents."