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  • ±0.005mm moving accuracy|300μm KOZ|±5% glue quantity accuracy
  • automatic inspection|data tracking|deep learning
  • 1500 mm/s.1.5g|continuous path|dual valves, dual conveyor
Model Vela 234 Vela 235
External Dimensions(mm) 900×1360×1600 1000×1460×1600
Weight of Equipment(kg) 900 1000
Dispense Area(mm) 400×500×50 500×600×100
Position Accuracy(mm) ±0.02
Repeated Accuracy(mm) ±0.01
Max. Speed(m/s) 1000(XY),300(Z)
Max. Acceleration(m/s2) 1g
Z-axis Payload(kg) 7.5
Control Mode AC Servo
Drive Mode Ball Screw
Conveyor load(kg) 6
conveyor height 900±30
conveyor width adjustment range 50-400 50-500
Std. Configuration Optional
Highly precise 3-axis platform Low fluid sensor
Industrial controller+LCD Laser height measurement
CCD camera fiducial calibration Dual lane
Automatic conveyor width adjustment Weighing system
Single lane Vacuum absorbing table
Auto Needle Calibration Heating table
2D inspection after dispensing Separate liquid supply unit
Nozzle cleaning with vacuum Nozzle heating
- Dual valve
- Chain Lane
- Tilt and Rotate Dispense(axes W)
- Tilt and Rotate Dispense(axes Q)
- Automatic loading/unloading Feature
- Multi-station loading table
- Barcode scanning
- Bottom gauge backflow passage
- Glue wiping device
- FFU purification unit
- Special configuration for clean room
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