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  • Compatible to a variety of valves | Multiple configurations for optional
  • ±0.01mm accuracy and CCD camera for fiducial recognition
  • Dispense and inspection integration, automatic yield analysis
Model Vela 034 Vela 035
External Dimensions(mm) 750×700×770 850×800×770
Weight of Equipment(kg) 400 500
Dispense Area(mm) 400×400×100 500×500×100
Position Accuracy(mm) ±0.02
Repeated Accuracy(mm) ±0.01
Max. Speed(m/s) 600(XY),300(Z)
Max. Acceleration(m/s2) 0.4g
Z-axis Payload(kg) 7.5
Workbench Payload(kg) 20
Control Mode AC Servo
Drive Mode Ball Screw
Std. Configuration Optional
Std. 3-axis desktop platform Laser height measurement 
Vision system Sensor for aligning the tip
Fluid inspection  system Vacuum loading table
Contact sensor Heated loading table
Fluid cleaning system with vacuum

Tilt and Rotate function(axes W and θ)

Single station Y Double station Y
- Low fluid sensor
- Separate fluid  supply system
- Different valves
- Valve heating
- Dual-valve system
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