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Model Vela 234-M Vela 235-M
Dimensions(mm) 760×1200×1500 860×1300×1500
Weight(kg) 700 800
Travel(mm) 400×500×100 500×600×100
Positioning accuracy(mm) ±0.01
Repeated accuracy(mm) ±0.005
Max speed(mm/s) 1500(X,Y),300(Z)
Max acceleration 1.5g
Z-axis load(kg) 7.5
Image sensor High-definition industrial camera
Light source Ring light Double color, 2-ring, LED, cold light source, with each section independently operated, adjustable brightness to 256 levels
Coaxial Cold LED light source, adjustable brightness to 256 levels
Other Customized light source
AOI detection accuracy(mm) ±0.02
AOI detection items Presence, width and thickness of glue, GAP, diameter, distance
Software platform Dispec software platform
Drive mode Linear motor
Track load(kg) 3
Track height above ground(mm) 900±30
Adjustable range of track width(mm) 50-400 50-500
Standard Optional
Precision tri-axis platform low level alarm
Industrial controller + LCD Height detection via laser
CCD visual guide deviation correction Double transfer tracks
Auto track width adjustment Weighing system
Single track belt Vacuum attachment platform
Needle alignment Heating platform
2D visual detection after dispensing Separate liquid supply device
Vacuum nozzle cleaning Nozzle heating
- Double dispensing valve system
- Chained track
- Rotary dispensing mechanism (W-axis)
- Automatic loading/unloading mechanism
- Multi-cavity carrier
- Barcode scanning
- Bottom jig backflow passage
- Glue erasing device
- Clean room dedicated configurations
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