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  • Mumerous applications in the mass production of countless products, and it is easy to operate
  • Improves productivity and reduces the number of required personnel while fully assuring an exceptional coating effect and process quality
  • Integrates the coating process and after-coating inspection into one step
Model Vela 234-CA Vela 235-CA
Dimensions(mm) 900×1350×1600 1000×1450×1600
Weight(kg) 700 800
Travel(mm) 400×400×100 500×500×200
Positioning accuracy(mm) ±0.02
Repeated accuracy(mm) ±0.01
Max speed(mm/s) 1000(X,Y),300(Z)
Max acceleration 1g
Z-axis load(kg) 7.5
Image sensor High-definition industrial camera
**Light source *Ring light Double color, 2-ring, LED, cold light source, with each section independently operated, adjustable brightness to 256 levels
*Coaxial Cold LED light source, adjustable brightness to 256 levels
*Other Customized light source
AOI detection accuracy(mm) ±0.02
AOI detection items Presence, width and thickness of glue, GAP, diameter, distance
Software platform Dispec software platform
Control mode AC servo
Drive mode Ball screw
Track load(kg) 6
Track height above ground(mm) 900±30
Adjustable range of track width(mm) 50-500
*Other It features a laser sector width controller for better precision
Features an ion flow detection system
Separate glue supply system
Needle aligned with the sensor system
Includes a 1D/2D code reader
Low glue warning alarm
W/R spindle rotation and inclination
Visual identification system
Double valve system
UV lamp
Dual channel

*  is optional

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