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Specification Parameter

Model AVI-M15C AVI-M10C AVI-M05C AVI-M035C
CCD resolution(μm/pixel) 15 10 5 3.5
External dimensions(mm) 1962×1490×1820(L×W×H)
Equipment weight(t) 1.1
Equipment power( Vac,Hz,KW) 380, 50,7
Processing method Manual loading and unloading
Inspection area(mm) 600×600(MAX)
CT(s/side) 24( Take 430×250 mm product with 10 μm resolution as an example)
Detection board thickness(mm) 0.06-2
Defect confirmation AVI online confirmation + VRS fission confirmation
Defect range

Substrate inspection: finger burrs, copper slag

Text inspection: missing printing, incomplete

Circuit inspection: notch, bump copper, oxidation, indentation, pinhole

Gold surface inspection: scratches, heterochrome, exposed copper, oxidation,  reinforcement migration (measurement)

Reinforcement inspection: missing, defects, foreign matter, burrs, air bubbles, reinforcement migration (measurement)

PAD inspection: scratches, oxidation, heterochrome, exposed copper

CVL inspection: deviation, foreign matter, breakage

Shielding film inspection: deviation, breakage

Poor punching:deviation (measurement, inspection)

Drilling inspection: porous, few holes, hole deviation, hole-filling, hole ring too thin

Ink: exposed copper, dirty, scratched

Applicable board range Suitable for HASL board, immersion gold board, gold-plated board, immersion silver board, immersion tin board, OSP anti-oxidation board, etc.
Temperature and humidity 22±2℃ , 50±10%