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Specification Parameter

CCD resolution(μm/pixel) 18 15 12 10
External dimensions(mm) 3200(Including blanking device)×1870×2400(Including tricolor light)(L×W×H)
Equipment weight(t) 1.6
Equipment power(Vac,Hz,KW) 380,50,16
Processing method Full automatic double-sided scanning, automatic loading and unloading
Inspection area(mm) 50×160(MIN) 350×500(MAX)
Support two to one splicing, maximum board size of double splicing: 165 × 500
Reference material format Gerber(RS274X)、ODB++
Detection board thickness(mm) 0.4-5
CT(pnl/h) 2000 2000 1800 1600
Based on board size (two to one splicing): 160 × 200 mm
Defect confirmation VRS off-line decision
Defect range

Copper surface area covered by gold surface/organic flux: scratches, pinholes, gold particles, metal bumps, dents, discolorations, copper leakage, contamination, nicks, insufficient etching, excessive etching, foreign matters, non-gold plating, circular PAD diameter out-of-tolerance

Anti-welding zone: scratch, lack of anti-welding (exposed gold/exposed copper/exposed base material), through hole (exposed gold/exposed copper), foreign matter, green paint peeling, green paint offset, pollution, green paint crack, small hole plugging

Base material area: copper residue, scratch and bottom leakage

Line area: notch, open circuit, short circuit, scratch, exposed copper, pinhole, gold particle, metal bump, discoloration, oxidation, pollution, foreign matter, insufficient etching, excessive etching

Line area under green paint: notch, open circuit, short circuit, scratch, foreign matter

Detection material Type of substrate:HASL board, immersion gold board, gold-plated board, immersion silver board, immersion tin board, OSP anti-oxidation board, etc.
Temperature and humidity 22±2℃ , 50±10%