Photovoltaic silicon wafer detection and sorting equipment can comprehensively test the quality of photovoltaic silicon wafers, making it a key piece of equipment for photovoltaic silicon wafer manufacturing.

TZTEK high-speed sorting machine represents a collection of TZTEK’s more than 10 years of machine vision technology and experience, enabling the high-speed detection and sorting of thickness, TTV, resistivity, PN, line marks, latent cracks, holes, dirt, edge breakage, and size of silicon waters, with better performance than other competitors of similar class in terms of indexes;

The equipment is compatible with 166-230 silicon wafers and 182-230 half silicon wafers;

The company is the first to greatly improve the detection rate of defects relying on its own developed AOI platform; the AOI platform is open to customers for free.

High sorting speed

>50% increase in production capacity over the previous generation equipment

Patented Bernoulli suspension unloading, 50% faster unloading speed

High detection accuracy

Substantial enhancement of the modules on their original basis

Further improvement in defect detection speed and detection rate relying on self-developed AOI4.0

Product functions

Additional cache material box to reduce the waste of switching time

Quick one-click switching of whole and half wafers to reduce downtime and lower skill requirements for operators

Unloading station allowing extension to dock automatic packing and unloading

Response to DC increases, DC alarms, pre-full material alarms, and wafer stuck alarms, etc.